Accelerators Masterclass

Bloom Accelerators Masterclass

Bloom is launching an Accelerator Masterclass Series to provide short-term intensive support and training to local and MENA regional accelerators. This program aims to mobilize world-class talent to share knowledge and expertise with accelerators in Lebanon and the region.

The Lebanon Growth Accelerator, supported by the European Regional Development and Protection Program, is our current initiative to re-ignite and boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon. Launched in 2021, it aims to create employment through direct enterprise accelerator programs and enhances the ecosystem’s collaboration, resources, and capacities. The goal is to provide new job opportunities short-term and long-term for Lebanese and refugees, especially vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Since its launching, the program supported 50 enterprises in the LGA Program through 8 accelerator cycles, two run by the Bloom team, and six run in collaboration with accelerator partners. 

This Masterclass is designed for accelerator leadership (individuals or teams) from all geographies, verticals, and specializations currently operating an accelerator or planning to launch or restructure a new program within the following year.

We are excited to start releasing training modules explicitly tailored to the needs of the partner accelerators in this program identified through assessments and interviews.

A bespoke communication plan for your accelerator

How and why to create a communications plan for an accelerator program. This training module includes an excel template to create and track a bespoke plan for your own organization. We take a look at communications techniques to use, platforms that can support your plan, and resources and skills needed in your team.

Click here to access the training module

Developing a mentor program and plan

This module discusses an accelerator mentor program’s organization, recruitment, and delivery.

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We’ll be releasing more modules in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on this page for more on the following topics:

  1. Operations
  2. Financial sustainability
  3. Impact and performance
  4. Advocacy

If you’d like to book coaching sessions with the trainers, please reach out on lga[at]bloom[dot]pm