Content Writer

Content Writer

We are looking for an experienced Content Writer to join our team! This person will be responsible for creating regular content and distributing across media outlets to increase our presence and outreach in the MENA region (If you landed directly on this page, please also visit Join the Team, and About Us.)

Bloom brings about positive change through our programs and methods that bridge personal, professional and organizational development. We’re working to strengthen those similar efforts within our internal team processes in order to help all our employees grow personally and professionally, while improving our organizational capacities and impact. 

We’re working to build an amazing team that can effectively work together, innovate together, and grow together. Our team is distributed across 6 countries, with primary programs currently in 9 countries across the MENA region. We’re looking for someone with experience in managing both the day-to-day operations as well as growth-oriented, cross-cultural teams that are remote/distributed, tech-enabled, and passionate about social impact on some of our world’s most difficult challenges, in difficult places.


  1. BA in Journalism, Literature, Marketing, English Language or relevant work experience in these fields. 
  2. Proven work experience as a content writer or copywriter with a portfolio of published articles/materials.
  3. Experience doing research using multiple sources.
  4. Strong English and Arabic communication skills (writing, speaking, listening) to collaborate with various stakeholders.
  5. Ability to meet deadlines and think creatively.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  1. Write articles and blog posts about Bloom teams, programs, and partners, including conducting interviews, attending events, etc, for publication on our site and others. 
  2. Contribute to Bloom’s social media content streams, primarily in writing but also potentially stories/reels, live discussions (such as IG/FB lives), or podcasts. 
  3. Write clear marketing documents to promote Bloom, and our programs and platforms. 
  4. Ensure that all deliverables use SEO guidelines and have essential keywords to increase web traffic to Bloom website. 
  5. Coordinate with different stakeholders and stay abreast of new program launches and platform updates.
  6. Create an outreach strategy and build strong relationships with media outlets across the MENA region.
  7. Ensure that Bloom activities get regular regional coverage through regularly publishing Bloom content across different media outlets.

Job Details:

  • Part-time ok to start (minimum 3-4 days/week availability), with a preference for more availability in the near future. 
  • Remote work / partial remote work is ok, though at least some part-time presence in Lebanon is preferred. 
  • The initial contract is as a “consultant/contractor”.
  • All positions can be paid into accounts in Lebanon (fresh money accounts) or abroad.
  • Work benefits include an allowance for work furniture, computer accessories, and capacity/skills building courses and workshops; as well a “work from home” stipend of $100.

If you have any questions about this position, please email them to hr [at]

Qualified candidates, please fill out this application form below: