ACSI Demo Day

ACSI Online Demo Day

Demo Day is done (Oct 8, 2020), but you can see the teams below!

The Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation (ACSI) 2020 was a 4-month accelerator program that happened during a historically tumultuous time in Lebanon and the world. The program focus is on innovative initiatives in the domains of education, civic engagement, and lifelong learning.

We’re very excited to showcase these brilliant graduating startups (brief highlights below) during our Online Demo Day experience! The Demo Day will include a mix of live pitches and video updates. All attendees will be invited to give feedback to teams through quick written forms, plus to join teams in small-group breakouts after the pitches are done.

You might just find a partner, service provider, investee, or collaborator amongst these great teams.

Meet the startups!


A center to help students succeed in schools and equip them with the needed skills to succeed later in life through a combination of tutoring, training sessions, and psychosocial support. (Previously named: The Academic Mentor Program)

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eFlow by Cherpa

eFlow is a user friendly platform to create and deliver educational material to vulnerable and underprivileged communities over common messaging apps like WhatsApp through an easy to use platform and an automated chatbot.

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Green Sprouts by Edutek

An agricultural STEAM-based education solution for  students with a focus on environmental sustainability along with agritech kits for their experiments, to support their hands-on activities and prototypes. (Previously named: Green Spurs)

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Fawra Media

An independent, volunteer-based media outlet that aims to expand people’s perspectives and bridge the gap between people working for a better tomorrow.

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A company specializing in creativity skill-building in young students aged 7-12. Habits will celebrate the imaginations of children both in print and online, spreading a creativity culture beyond its original borders.  

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Inspiration Garden

A skill development program for parents, teachers, and students with a holistic methodology. Recently they launched Learning Land, a community and creative space for public, semi-private, and private school teachers to exchange knowledge, enhance learning, and consolidate their know-how.

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Delivering history and culture to kids in a hands-on and compelling way through in-person and online events, workshops, and activities.

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Levantine Institute

A social enterprise providing Arabic classes as a foreign language in Tripoli and online, Lebanon while running a learning center for underprivileged Syrian and Lebanese children as a pro-bono service.

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Masri Center

An educational center for people with special needs in Tripoli, Lebanon.

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A platform to help students and teachers by analyzing the process whereby students work on their assignments. We reassure teachers of the student’s efforts using reports and data analytics. (Previously named “Proctor”)

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A web platform powered by artificial intelligence that provides a personalized learning experience based on your school’s curriculum. Ringlet curates lessons according to the school’s curriculum and merges them with the content created by teachers using Ringlet’s content creation tools.

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An online educational platform that offers equal and reliable academic resources for high school students in Lebanon, including applying to scholarships and universities

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Creator of toys and games that teach preschoolers basic algorithms, directional language, sequence, and conditioning through hands-on storytelling activity kits.

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