Bloom Enterprise Stages

Bloom’s Methods for Assessing Team Growth

Bloom has derived an enterprise development scale to support teams in identifying their current stage to help them identify stage appropriate programs, activities and support. Our stages are as follows:

0.1 Learning without the goal of launching an enterprise
1.1Want to start and looking for/testing ideas
2.1Exploring ideas, conducting market/customer research
2.2Have started developing my idea
3.1Have an early (low-fidelity/paper) prototype (of product or service)
3.2Have a functioning (high-fidelity) prototype with early users / early adopters
4.1Declining revenues, and the enterprise is not yet profitable/sustainable
4.2Revenues are stagnant or growing slowly, but the enterprise is not however profitable/sustainable
4.3Revenues are growing quickly, but the enterprise is not yet profitable/sustainable
5.1Profitable/sustainable business (with stable, growing, or declining revenues)
5.2Seeking scalability (of impact and/or profits)
5.3Seeking diversification
5.4Seeking an exit
5.5Established national enterprise
5.6Established multinational enterprise

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