Pitchworthy – Our Programs for Entrepreneurship Education and Support

We’ve been running entrepreneurship education and support programs since 2008, and online programs since 2017. Our focus is on helping people develop the skills and character strengths to launch and grow initiatives and enterprises, with a focus on supporting people from marginalized communities, developing countries, and social impact initiatives.

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Over the last 6 years alone, we’ve worked with over 400 early-stage and idea-stage startups. Many startups have gone on to reach great success and regional/global recognition, and we’ve helped thousands of people have their first hands-on experience in the startup world, learning skills that are essential for entrepreneurship, employability, and life.

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Our achievements with idea-stage and early-stage startups over the past 5 years:

400+ teams and startups supported

$4m+ mobilized by our startups

30+ startups winning top local, regional, or global recognition

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