Lebanon Response Hack – Info for Partners

Lebanon Response Hack – Info for Partners

Lebanon Response Hack is a collaborative effort to help support projects all across Lebanon that can help address critical challenges in Lebanon, whether due to COVID19 or other socioeconomic challenges, while also helping people develop critical skills that can help them with this current endeavor, or beyond. Partners are invited to join in several capacities:
  • Community/outreach partners
  • Volunteer / coordination partners
  • Knowledge partners, mentors, or trainers
  • Funder or in-kind support partners (with all funding going fully to support the top projects)
There’s more information in the presentation below. If you’re not sure how you’d like to join or support this effort, please go ahead and fill out the form below the presentation and we’ll follow up with you to discuss, or you can reach out to Dara with questions (dara [at] bloom.pm). The program will go live for public promotion and participant applications in the second week of July. General program information is here. Thanks so much!

If you’re interested in joining as a partner, please fill out the form below, or contact Dara (dara [at] bloom.pm).

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