The Enterprise Capacity Assessment Tool (ECAT) is a way to quickly assess your enterprise’s organizational status and needs. It can be used as a self-assessment tool, as part of a guided collaborative process, or for third-party assessments.

Organizational capacity is the ability for an organization to achieve its mission while anticipating and managing future changes and risks

The ECAT allows you to get a birds’ eye view of your whole organization and to pinpoint strategic areas for development for maximum impact.

How do we know where to go if we don’t have a map?

Bloom’s ECAT and guided facilitations give you a map for organizational development.

ECAT Categories

2Innovation & Learning
4“Impact Monitoring (M&E)” or “Corporate Social Responsibility”
5“Programs and Projects” or “Products and Services”
6Community Engagement & Communication
8Team, Leadership, Staff & Volunteers
9Revenues & Financial Sustainability
10Financial Management
11Legal & Compliance
12Risk, Security & Resilience

Adapted for enterprises at different stages

ECAT for Enterprises

For enterprises that are already operational, but want to improve their organizational capacity to grow.

ECAT for Startups, 6-slide version

When you’re starting a social enterprise, there are a thousand things you could be working on: Which is the most critical for you today?

The ECAT 6-Slide version is for teams working on new ideas or early-stage startups, to help them focus on the most essential elements to know if they have an idea worth further developing.