The LGA demo day pitching teams

The LGA Demo-Day pitching teams

During the LGA Mini-Conference & Demo-Day on April 12, 2022, the first two batches of accelerated enterprises showcased the progress of their innovative solutions.

Our teams would still love it if you could give them some feedback. Watch their pitches and let them know how they did


A coffee shop that is inclusive of staff members with disabilities.


Ethically processed indigenous aromatic and medicinal plants, herbs, and beehive products.


Education beyond boundaries.

IO Tree

Smart solar powered device autonomous device to help monitor threatening insects for your crops.

L’artisan du Liban

Lebanon’s first social enterprise preserving artisanal handcrafts and culture.

Potion Kitchen

A clean beauty brand committed to creating conscious personal care products that help individuals feel good about their skin.

Rush & Reez

Contemporary modest fashion label based in Beirut.

Nucleus Ventures Teams


Shipping services worldwide at low cost.


Commercial or residential high-quality home service.


The easies way to create custom furnitures.