Entrepreneurship Skills Framework

Bloom approaches entrepreneurship skills development as a science, based on both modern and ancient research into practices and habits for success.

The Bloom Entrepreneurial Skills Framework

We created the “Bloom Entrepreneurial Skills Framework” to highlight the diverse skills needed by entrepreneurs and startup teams, and to help guide our work at different stages of startup development. Entrepreneurial skills include:

  • Essential Skills: Founders need at least some level of all of these skills, or they will not take these first early steps into entrepreneurship.
  • Helpful Skills: These skills are very powerful for an enterprise, but if the founders do not possess these skills (at all, or sufficiently), they can compensate for them through training or hiring.
  • Startup Skills: These are the core business skills that are needed for all enterprises to grow, all of which can be developed by entrepreneurs through training, or preferably through hiring, during the enterprise development process. (Make sure technical talent is there.)
  • Sector Skills: In whichever domain the enterprise is working.

Our research shows that most startup development programs focus almost entirely on the Startup Skills while neglecting most (or all) of the Helpful or Essential Skills.

Bloom uses advanced methods for quantifying, monitoring, and supporting the development of critical character traits, essential soft skills, and enterprise growth skills that support entrepreneurial and employability success. For more details, check out Bloom’s pedagogy of entrepreneurial learning.

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