Lebanon Crisis Response

Lebanon Crisis Response

NOTE: There are various other efforts focusing on information and coordinating response efforts (mentioned below), and so we’re shifting our efforts back to our primary work in the field of economic development (livelihoods, entrepreneurship, MSME support, skill development, etc) and impact innovation. We’re currently supporting 13 education social enterprises through the Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation, and we’ll be launching additional programs soon.

We’re dedicated to helping Lebanon emerge from this crisis, these crises, stronger than it was before, and helping build a Lebanese economy that is strong, dynamic, competitive, sustainable, and inclusive.

If you also work in that domain, we look forward to seeing you in discussions of the LCRP Livelihoods Cluster.

We encourage all organizations working on relief and emergency response efforts to coordinate through the relevant UNHCR & OCHA Clusters.

The UNHCR and OCHA Clusters overlap, but the UNHCR Clusters are more comprehensive (12 clusters), long-term (started in 2011), and covering all of Lebanon, while the OCHA clusters are fewer (7 clusters), short-term and focused on greater Beirut in the aftermath of the Beirut Port Explosion.

If you are focused on crisis response efforts related to the Beirut Port Explosion, please see the official OCHA Cluster Information here, and contact your corresponding cluster lead (contact information is on the page for each sector).

For ongoing humanitarian response efforts in Beirut and in Lebanon, please sign up for the email list for the UNHCR Clusters here (ialebanon.unhcr.org), and contact your corresponding cluster leads using the contact list there.

We encourage all local organizations to also join the Lebanese Humanitarian and Development Forum, a collaborative effort of 60+ local organizations (and open to more) to coordinate better locally and with the UNHCR and OCHA efforts. (Sign up at the LHDF site, and email them at: lngosforum [at] gmail.com).

For coordination of home and building reconstruction efforts, we encourage you to connect with the Beirut Relief Coalition and Roy Baladi (roybaladi [at] gmail [dot} com; or whatsapp +1 (646) 733-8000 (he is in Lebanon)).

For actively updated lists of initiatives and organizations, please see Elda3em or Daleel Madani.