Bloom’s Methods for Growth

We’ve done the deep research and hard work, so you can focus on the fun part of building your startup or running a program.

Bloom is designed from the ground up to make it easier for people and organizations to develop critical skills for employability & professional development, entrepreneurship, and life.

We focus on two pillars that empower both individuals and teams to have both short-term and long-term positive growth:

  1. Personal Development (Character Strengths and PERMAH)
  2. Professional & Organizational Development (ECAT, Specific Skills & Universal Skills)

These pillars include:

1. Personal Development

(Character Strengths and PERMAH)

2. Professional & Organizational Development

(ECAT, Specific Skills & Universal Skills)

We use four assessment tools along with a shared Library of Activities, together with a guided facilitation process of self-reflection and self-work along with teamwork and collaborative learning, to guide teams towards personal growth, professional growth, and organizational development.

When startups, SMEs and organizations have so many things to do, we help teams focus on the core business pillars that build a foundation for success.

We start with the business basics and then build from there. As part of this, we also help founders craft a compelling story to communicate the vision, relevance, and potential of their enterprise, for both traditional for-profit and social impact enterprises. For many, this means first understanding their own personal passions and strengths, and how those will help them drive success in their enterprise, and in their life.

Character traits are even more critical than skills in entrepreneurship, employability, and life.

Character affects everything we do, and how we do it. The top traits of successful entrepreneurs worldwide emphasize the critical roles of founders in identifying challenges, developing solutions, and leading teams of people. These traits are also critical for employability and professional development, and broader personal and life success.

We focus on skill development that helps people with entrepreneurship, employability, and life.

The majority of companies, organizations, investors, and startup accelerators agree that soft skills (essential skills) are more important than hard skills for achieving success. Yet most of our educational efforts neglect them.

Our core purpose is impact.

We do extensive work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Within that broad set of challenges, we primarily focus on 5, within two main themes:

(a) Essential Grand Challenges for our global human community:

  1. Environmental Sustainability & Resilience
  2. Equality of Opportunity & Human Mobility

(b) Foundation Challenges that we think will unlock solutions and transformative efforts in all other global challenge areas and SDGs, including:

  1. Education & Lifelong Learning
  2. Culture & Mindsets
  3. Governance, Citizenship, and Public Sector Innovation

Bloom methods build capacities and mindsets that help people with entrepreneurship, employability, and life.

We created the “Bloom Entrepreneurial Skills Framework” to highlight the diverse skills needed by entrepreneurs and startup teams and to help guide our work at different stages of startup development.

Bloom provides higher impact “entrepreneurial learning” experiences that cultivate critical skills, traits, and relationships.

In order to provide world-class support to people, teams, and organizations worldwide, the Bloom Educational Pedagogy is built on 4 kinds of engagement.

Read more about Bloom’s processes for learning.

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