AltCity Impact NGO

AltCity Impact NGO

AltCity Impact is a non-profit organization legally registered in Lebanon in 2015.

Bloom is an affiliated partner of AltCity Impact working to leverage new methods and technologies to support character development, skill development, entrepreneurship education and MSME development with a focus on building inclusive and impact-driven economies.

AltCity Impact History

The founding members of AltCity have been supporting entrepreneurship in MENA since 2006, launching and supporting co-working spaces, maker spaces and innovation programs in Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and more, along with various activities to encourage and support creativity, youth engagement, community media, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The AltCity Impact team implemented many high impact programs including:

  • Elevate Impact Accelerator in partnership with UNICEF
  • A game development program (with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon)
  • A media entrepreneurship program (with CFI)
  • Running a youth media outlet and publishing a monthly newspaper
  • A youth entrepreneurship program with Alfa/Zain Telecom
  • SoUK.LB (a joint project with the UK Embassy in Lebanon, Alfanar, and DAI)
  • BootCamp LB (with AM Bank and Banque du Liban)
  • Inclusive Economies Lab (with support from the Swiss SDC)
  • Organizing the LaunchSummit event in Beirut with TechStars and others
  • Running a coworking+cafe+event space for around 5 years, including hosting thousands of events and activities in collaboration with hundreds of partners, including:
    • Open Innovation Week (with the World Bank, Stanford University d.School, MIT, and others)
    • TEDxHamra Salon events
    • Behance and other design events
    • A theater production with Zeina Daccache
    • Regular language and media workshops for migrants and refugees
    • And so much more!

Big thanks to all the team members and leaders who have been part of the AltCity Impact journey over the years, and are now off on other adventures! We wish you the best! 💛