Character traits are powerful contributors to personal and professional growth.

Bloom can help you and your organization develop the ones that will help you thrive.

Character effects everything we think, do, and say.

The majority of companies, organizations, investors, and startup accelerators agree that soft skills (essential skills) are more important than hard skills for achieving success. Yet most of our educational efforts neglect them.

Character is closely related to those essential soft skills, so Bloom integrates character assessment metrics and character development in our training programs and our platform, including critical aspects related to developing a growth mindset. Leveraging research-backed assessment tools and our Bloom Activities Database of 800+ activities designed to support enterprise growth and character development, we help people and teams develop those skills and strengths through real-world, applied, supported learning.

Research shows that the top 5 character traits of successful entrepreneurs are:

1. Honesty (including authenticity in how people view themselves and the world)
2. Leadership
3. Enthusiasm (including energy, passion, zest, and dynamism)
4. Fairness
5. Gratitude

← These traits emphasize the critical role of founders in building and leading teams of people, and aligning them around a common purpose.

The next most important traits of successful entrepreneurs are:

6. Persistence
7. Hope
8. Teamwork
9. Curiosity
10. Kindness

And interestingly enough, number 11 is “Love”.

How do you think you rank on those Top 10 (or Top 11) traits?

Where could you improve to increase your chances for personal and professional success?

Bloom uses advanced methods for quantifying, monitoring, and supporting the development of critical character traits, essential soft skills, and enterprise growth skills that support entrepreneurial and employability success. For more details, check out Bloom’s pedagogy of entrepreneurial learning.

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