Data & Reporting Specialist – External Contract

Data & Reporting Specialist – External Contract (Agency or Consultant)

We are working to improve how we use data to help improve our impact, the value to people and businesses in our programs, to help us continually improve, and to help us communicate better with our partners and our community. (If you landed directly on this page, you can read more about us on these pages: Join the Team, and About Us.)

Thus far we have developed some quantified methods to guide participants in our programs towards identifying priority areas for self-development, to help us in the implementation of our programs, and to track overall impact of our programs. Some of these tools include:

  • ECAT: Enterprise Capacity Assessment Tool
  • ACAT: Accelerator Capacity Assessment Tool
  • Universal Skills Framework (developed by
  • MDAQ: Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Quiz focused on Character Strengths

The Data & Reporting Specialist (DRS) will be responsible for reviewing and providing specific recommendations on those tools, how they can be improved, and how we can improve use of data and data visualizations in our programs and platform. 

The DRS will then identify some specific improvements that they can help implement within the scope of this engagement. 

Lastly, the DRS will create an “impact report” (one for each phase)  to share findings with partners and publicly on our website. One “mid-term” report is part of Phase 1, and should be completed by August 2021, and one project closing report is part of Phase 2, estimated due by June 2022.

This contract is in two phases, which may be contracted to the same provider, or to two separate providers: 

  1. Phase 1: Max 6 months; $15,000 USD (fresh funds) max amount; Deliverables: Initial assessment of methods, identify priorities for improvement, initial “mid-term” impact evaluation & report, implementation of basic improvements to methods. 
  2. Phase 2: Max 6 months; $15,000 USD (fresh funds) max amount; Deliverables: Support with methods improvements; closing impact evaluation and report. 

The DRS will interact regularly with relevant project and platform teams to follow-up on implementation efforts in key priority areas of improvement.

The provider for this engagement could be an individual contractor, or an agency, organization, or company. 


  • Review the quality of existing data in the project subject areas, the methods of collecting it, and the degree to which it will provide good baseline and progress statistics for impact evaluation.
  • Identify areas of potential improvement, including a brief cost/benefit analysis to help with identifying improvements that could have greater impact at lower cost.
  • Included here, identifying which areas of potential improvement the DRS could support within the available budget for this contract.
  • Collect data for baseline/mid-term impact report and/or project-end impact report. 
  • Prepare and submit written report(s) with accompanying data and data visualizations.


  • Minimum of three (3) years of professional experience in a data, analytics, or reporting position.
  • Experience in using data and data visualization tools. 
  • Experience in strategic planning and performance measurement, including indicator selection, target setting, reporting, database management, and developing M&E and performance monitoring plans.
  • Knowledge of the major evaluation methodologies (e.g. qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method, and impact) and data collection and analysis methodologies, and in planning and managing surveys.
  • Experience in data analytics for quantified learning.
  • Experience in entrepreneurship and/or enterprise development.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.

Preferred Skills & Experiences

  • Experience doing monitoring and evaluations for international development projects.
  • Experience in using Airtable or other visual database tools 
  • Experience in using Tableau or other data visualization tools.

Contract Terms

  • Contract will be in two phases: Phase 1: $15,000 USD and 6 months, which may be renewed/extended for Phase 2, an additional $15,000, upon satisfactory completion of Phase 1 activities, or it may be determined that a separate contractor is preferred for Phase 2 to address key project and organizational needs in these areas
  • Remote work / partial remote work is ok, though at least some part-time presence in Lebanon is likely helpful
  • All positions can be paid into accounts into USD accounts in Lebanon (fresh money accounts) or abroad.

If you have any questions about this position, please email them to: hr [at]

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