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A huge part of Bloom is about connecting, bridging gaps between ecosystems.

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Be part of our efforts to create employment through accelerated workshops and enterprise support programs.

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Enhance your leadership skills, build networks, shape the people in your community and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and trends in entrepreneurial ecosystems – all this while you do your share of giving back.

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Bloom is launching an Accelerator Masterclass Series to provide short-term intensive support and training to local and MENA regional accelerators.

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We’re launching a Bloom Fellows Program where we can place and give stipends, or cover travel & lodging, to awesome people to spend 1-3 months working with enterprises or accelerators in Lebanon.

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Imagine a team that knows no borders, that believes in remote work so we can collaborate with the best people worldwide, wherever they are. Imagine a team that supports each other’s personal growth and ambitions, just as they support the growth and ambitions of our organization.

Co-Run an Accelerator Cycle with Bloom!

Whether you’re running existing programs and need additional support, or even if you’re looking to create a new program in partnership with the LGA program, this is for you!

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