The Bloom Impact Dashboard

Welcome to the Blooms Impact Dashboard V0.01

Openness and transparency can help us to ensure that our programs are supporting teams to create positive impact in the world while balancing the team’s wellbeing. This impact dashboard is our first attempt to demonstrate realtime impact from our programs. Please take a moment to click around and explore the data.

Note, some of our earlier programs have incomplete data and this data represents the LGA program starting in 2020 and beyond.

Programs, Jobs and SDGs.

We’re proud to say that since 2021 in the LGA1 and LGA2 programs conducted in Lebanon we have supported teams in creating 224 new jobs! Given the challenging economic conditions in Lebanon, this is exceptional and we congratulate our teams. You can navigate the data to see how those jobs are broken down below:

Areas of intervention, for details about the Bloom enterprise stages, click here.