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  • How To Effectively Work From Home

    How To Effectively Work From Home

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to work from home. If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle because of the coronavirus or you’ve managed to find a remote-based job you‘ll need to change some of your habits and routines. Everyone who works remotely has to work out when, where, and how to work […]

  • Tools that Power Remote Work with Marilyn Zakhour

    Tools that Power Remote Work with Marilyn Zakhour

    I kick-started my week with the first workshop of Bloom’s Lebanon Growth Accelerator program, with the fantastic Marilyn Zakhour from Cosmic Centaurs! She discussed the future of work, how to think about remote work and new mindsets for new ways of working, and found that information really helpful. I feel like we tend to take […]

  • A very online Christmas?

    A very online Christmas?

    Like most things in 2020, this winter festive season feels very different from usual. Normally this time of year would be all about family and friends. So what do we do when meeting up isn’t possible, or safe? The Bloom team has been running human-centered business programs for the last 13 years (through various previous […]

  • Stretch for Health & Happiness

    Stretch for Health & Happiness Stretching regularly can be a big big help for many of us to reduce discomfort related to work and life, whether during quarantine or otherwise. We’re not doctors and this isn’t medical advice (if you have concerns about pain, please talk to a doctor), but here are some tips and […]