Meet Our Final 10 HerMeNow Accelerator Teams!

Meet Our Final 10 HerMeNow Accelerator Teams!

We’re more than excited to introduce the 10 amazing teams that made it past the Sprint phase into the HerMeNow accelerator!

Designed for women-led social enterprises focusing on building impactful solutions in culture, mindset, and education, this program is almost entirely remote and online and so accessible to companies across MENA + Afric.

We will help grow your business through a three-month program driven by Bloom’s project-based learning methodology and world-class support.
Now, onto the selected teams! 

Congrats to:
AJS/Tuwe Bora Kenya
Hopewell Firm
Knock Knock
Nawat Health
Shegrow / Smart Sensory Products
Taw Academy
WingWoman Lebanon

AJS / Tuwe Bora Kenya is a social enterprise creating employment opportunities by providing skills training for formerly imprisoned women and unemployed youth in the local community in Kajiado.

Hopewell helps the youth change their narrative by meeting their mental health needs.

Knock Knock advocates for inclusivity of the deaf by developing a technology to convey the sound environment to them.

Kuja is a social enterprise that is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of low cost eco-friendly sanitary products made from banana stem agro waste for women and girls in low income communities in Cameroon. This ensures a bright future for school girls and increases productivity for women. 

Nawat Health is an integrated, safe, and secure women-centered digital platform that offers women from the MENA access to evidence based, customized knowledge and online counseling focused on Sexual and Reproductive health.

Sanabel is an Arabic Mobile application for children between 3 and 10 years old, providing enjoyable educational content in an interactive and safe environment.

Shegrow / Smart Sensory Products helps children with sensory processing difficulties in Kenya through innovative and tested sensory products and spaces, enabling inclusivity and aiming towards a brilliant life.

Taw Academy is a creative education company that creates fun innovative learning tools that develops success skills in children.

Vumogo is a revolutionary data-driven online platform seeks to provide female driving instructors for female learner drivers in a transparent, easy-to-use environment for driving practice sessions.

WingWoman Lebanon creates highly ethical, sustainable and modest fashion solutions for the women who refuse to compromise style, comfort, or culture. All of their designs are produced in Lebanon, providing a steady income to many in the manufacturing process. Their packaging is 100% recycled, and their cotton is currently being sourced from organic material. Their items are made to last for years and not just a season like fast fashion purchases.

Congratulations! Well deserved. We can’t wait to watch you grow. 🌻

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