What We Love about Staying At Home!

What We Love about  Staying At Home!

From the Bloom Team!

Admit it, we all have our go-to most comforting things to do at home – and some days don’t even feel like doing anything else – especially during winter! Integrating those habits and activities during lockdown should bring us just as much comfort.
A few of our team have put together a list of things they love about staying at home, to share with you!
We hope they help you stay sane while staying safe.
And we’ll continue to be here providing you with resources to get through it.

Nour, Social Media Manager
Being at home allows me to be grateful for being away from daily stressors like traffic and pollution. Even more, removing things like commute time gives me more time in the day to do what I like, and if I’m not really in touch with what I like, now is the perfect time to discover it! Time is money and, in my case, the currency is healing.

Andrea, Designer
Being “stuck” at home allows me to spend more time with the people/beings that matter the most – my family and my dogs. In the previous “normal” life we were living, we were always rushing. Now, I finally have the time to take a step back, reflect, calm down and appreciate what I have. I guess that pandemic did benefit me and teach me valuable lessons after all.

Angela, Communications Consultant
I consider myself an outgoing person, so I’m surprised how satisfied I’ve felt during lockdown. I’ve really appreciated a simpler life with less movement and fewer decisions to make. I’ve invested more time (and a little money) in making our home nicer – more plants, burning scented candles in the daytime, doing more of the home cleaning myself. Creating even a tiny office space in a corner of my bedroom made a huge difference, because now I don’t have my work in our family/eating spaces. It’s made me feel more nested and coy at home.

Dara, Project Coordinator
Many people have been living lives that if they could have half of what they’ve got going on, it would be great. The pandemic has been a forced respite. It’s a guilt-free release from the pressures of some work and social and family obligations. Being forced to spend time with myself has taught me to like spending time with myself and that’s the greatest gift.

What are some of your fun ways to pass the time when stuck inside? Add a note below so we can try out your ideas too!

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